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Carl Froch vs Jermain Taylor

Wow, what a fight. After somehow managing to avoid the result of the bout due to the ridiculous television controversy, it was a blessed relief to see the fight on ITV, after having used all my of willpower to stop looking at the result online.

Although I don’t think Froch will ever be classically ‘great’ boxer , he is almost there, and his performance in the last round was truly a sight to behold. After 11 rounds of back and forth action, which included Froch being dropped for the first time in his career, the sheer courage and strength it took for him to force the knockout in the dying seconds was a testament to his incredible heart.

Yes, Taylor was running dangerously low on gas, but he’s made a career out of ducking and moving, and avoiding being hit. All he had to do was stay back for three minutes, but Froch worked his way through, applying pressure and throwing shot after shot until Taylor’s legs crumpled and he could take no more.

Calling out Joe Calzaghe was the only thing Froch could do after his victory. That’s the money fight – and it’s a very winnable fight based on his performance here. Calzaghe has all the speed in the world (although after a period of inactivity it remains to be seen just how much) but he lacks knockout power so Froch would just have to focus on getting Calzaghe out as soon as possible before his stamina let him down – although it didn’t against Taylor. Calzaghe would make him work more, but how many great performances does Calzaghe have left in him? His retirement suggests none…


David Haye

I’m a big fan of the Hayemaker, so much so that a few months ago I set up a page for people to become a fan of his on Facebook (click here for it.) It’s the charisma he sweats out that appeals to me, the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude that so many of my personal favourite sportsman (of which a top 50 will be appearing on here very soon) have as well. Whilst it’s not taking me much to say that he’ll become a world champion within a year (as he himself seems to be shouting about it at every opportunity,) it is genuinely exciting that we could have a legit champ who can actually back up exactly what he says, with his fists in the ring.

So here’s to David Haye, a double hard bastard and hopefully the future of boxing!