Monthly Archives: February 2010

Something I love…

The thought of sunshine being an actual object has always interested me. The ability to shine, dazzle, warm and regulate at any given moment. A life force, a giver of joy, a sheer pleasure. The respite from the daily grind, all wrapped up into one little package of love.

When I first saw it, what struck me the most was the colours. A vast array of twinkling forces, combining together to almost blind me within its innate beauty. Deep greens nudging for room among the strong yellow, deep chocolate-brown snuggling alongside the purest reds, and the most glorious off-white I had ever seen.

And the top and the bottom, two waves of the strangest colour known to man. A dark cream, or perhaps a very light brown. It’s not especially important to me, what does increase the pulses and tense my back is the way the whole ensemble works. Doesn’t matter on whether you call it doubly delicious to observe and feel, or simply as heaven on earth, it speaks to everybody in different ways.

The five senses all combine to make it a memorable experience each and every time. To touch, it’s soft, smooth, and delicate. To smell, well one can only compare it to a freshly mown lawn every day of the year, or a particularly smashing bakery, or even the smell that wafted over the Garden of Eden after Adam first destroyed Eve’s genital regions.

The sound, well it’s eerily reminiscent of John Cage’s infamous 4’33, the classic ‘silent’ orchestra piece. It’s not what you can’t hear that’s important, it’s what you glean from the gorgeous silence, a much appreciated reminder to appreciate what we have today, before it’s gone tomorrow.

We have already touched upon what it looks like, so let’s focus on the taste. On one level, it’s almost too perfect to write about, such is the sheer size of the experience. A million different emotions fill the world at that period, all good, none painful, except for the heartbreaking experience when it’s finished.

Sunshine, radiating into my life in a small, beautiful package. And at just £1.29, the McDonalds double cheeseburger could do that for you as well.