Walsall 2, Southend 2

What’s worse, seeing your side concede a late equaliser or having to find out from miles away. Southend correspondant Martin Hines is miserable either way.

I’m sitting on a bus in Central London with a good pal of mine, when I just can’t take it any more.

It’s 4.40 on a Saturday afternoon, and sick of not being able to know the score I ask my mate to check what the Southend score is on his glamorous portable phone. It’s 2-1 to Southend he says with a wicked gleam in his eye, ‘Barnard and Freedman’. I punched the air like Tim Henman after a glorious ground-stroke.

But five minutes later…’Please just check once more! Let me know we’ve wrapped up the points!’ He sighed, and browsed his phone again before the look of panic in his eyes confirmed what he couldn’t emit from his mouth.

We’ve drawn 2-2 with the ten men of Walsall to a Sam Parkin penalty. The air punch was looking like an impotent boxer on steroids, absolutely pathetic.

It just wrapped up a pretty miserable week for me.

Bad week

My last blog on here was met with a barrage of abuse by certain so called ‘fans’ of my wonderful football team, slating my own opinions because they disagreed with their own.

I’m sure most of us are old enough and wise enough to realise that someone not liking another player isn’t tantamount to being say, a Colchester United fan, so we can’t we all just get along? Macca is still rubbish though.

Millwall up next on Friday night, unfortunately for me I will be sitting in a tent in Chelmsford Essex waiting for V Festival to start.

Having lived five minutes away from The Den for the last year I will be hoping we can tame the Lions on our own turf, and continue our undefeated start to the season.

Hopefully by the time The Killers have kicked off their headlining set we will have three more points in the bag, and then we can all look on the Mr. Brightside a little bit more.


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