Monthly Archives: October 2008

First day @ LCC

Went pretty well all told. Lovely building really, totally goes against the shithole it looks like from the outside. Friendly group of geezers in the class as well which is a bonus. Only in three days a week, which is either a godsend, or really bad – I was perhaps hoping for a little more time in Uni to fill up my time better, but I suppose the list of potential hobbies I have written down on a word document (latest additions: sewing, learning a musical instrument, cleaning excessively,) can come to fruition, instead of being dreams.

It’s customary for me to fill up this page with self obsessed pictures, so here is a small sample of new pics of my room – for all the Martbowski voyeurs out there.


Robinsons Apple and Cranberry – the finest drink known to man? Maltesers hot chocolate – the second greatest? KLS – Pretty pretty? Life – not bad?


Joe Kinnear update


JK Which one is Simon Bird [Daily Mirror’s north-east football writer]?

SB Me.

JK You’re a cunt.”

The meltdown I alluded to earlier this week seems to have come into full swing. As if swearing live on Football Focus wasn’t enough, Kinnear also snapped during his first press conference, his clammy hands pulsating with rage as he admonished the press who had slagged him off through the years. A glorious start to his reign, and one I am more than happy to support if this entertainment continues. Love live Joe Kinnear, the taffy cunt.

Pathetic tosser

Random sportspeople I love #1 – ‘Dean Macey’

In the start of a semi regular series, I will be advocating the genius of a group of sports stars who have touched me, in ways I’d only let Charlotte Church touch me. These characters weren’t always the best, most successful or most popular, but I like them, and that’s all that matters.

First up, is Dean Macey, aka the Canvey hero, aka sicknote, aka Dean Macey. What he lacked in hair, he made up for in heart, testicles, and bravery. I do find it bizarre how some sportsman get perennially crocked seemingly all the time, whereas some just go on forever. Imagine if Macey had decent genetics, you’ve got to think he would have been knocking on the door of Olympic Golds, as opposed to a paltry Commonwealth Games gold medal, but as Nick Berry once memorably crooned, every loser wins.

Now retired, Macey will go down as one of the major ‘could have been’, along with Francis Jeffers, Sonny Pike and Lance Armstrong, but forever he will be etched into my memory as a true bald British hero. Youtube doesn’t rustle up much Macey goodness, but enjoy him doing the high jump on a very shaky camera for 11 seconds. Here’s to you Dean!